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Fracta is using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to rapidly locate infrastructure vulnerabilities. Utilities need a fast, accurate and affordable condition assessment method that objectively analyzes large amounts of current and historical data. This is where the Fracta solution is changing the world.

Condition assessments are not the only area benefiting from Artificial Intelligence. There have also been incredible advances in leak detection. Today, Artificial Intelligence is helping pinpoint where to monitor for leaks, greatly reducing time and money trying to find the proverbial needle in a haystack.

From condition assessments to leak detection, Fracta helps utilities bring it all together in a structured process that provides decision makers with the most accurate information, leading to the best possible rehabilitation and replacement decisions.

Streamline your Condition Assessments.

Fast, accurate and affordable replaces lengthy, subjective and expensive.

The Likelihood of Failure (LOF) method is a testament to the new world of applying Artificial Intelligence to real world problems. Newfound accuracy and speed empower decisions that eliminate unnecessary pipe replacement.

Fraction of the cost.
Fraction of the time.

Fracta can complete a LOF assessment of an entire water main distribution system in 4-8 weeks. The results are delivered in a Software as a Solution (SaaS) system and visualized using dynamic graphs and charts. New data can be uploaded and modeled several times per year enabling a dynamic, near real time assessment of the water mains.

Optimizing Pipe Replacement:
If it isn’t broke, don’t replace it.

In many cases, utilities are conditioned to replace the oldest pipes in their system. Studies have shown that anywhere from 30-40% of replaced pipe has useful remaining life. By better identifying the most vulnerable pipe, Fracta can help utilities effectively reallocate 30-40% percent of its annual replacement budget.

More Accurate
Leak Detection.

Replacing guesswork with fact work.

Along with our industry partners, it’s now possible to implement a cost containment strategy that includes Fracta repair and replacement assessments along with leak detection assessments.

AI-Machine Learning can simultaneously process thousands of data points in real-time, speeding up detection of leaks. It works by combining data collected from real-time sensors in the distribution network, such as pressure and flow sensors, and using complex algorithms to determine the presence and location of leaks.

Fracta AI-Machine Learning can be used to:

  • Rapidly locate leaks
  • Advise on how best to repair them
  • Help prevent leak reoccurrence
Incorporate Fracta Into Your Asset Management Program.

Collect. Organize. Apply.

Fracta is a supervised Artificial Intelligence model available to all U.S. water utilities as a subscription software solution. Condition assessment results are achieved in three steps:

  1. Import and wrangle main utility data
  2. Layer geodata and run machine learning algorithms
  3. Visualize vulnerabilities and apply LOF results

The quantity and quality of the data is important. We have developed a software-led approach to data cleaning and normalizing to help with the challenge of using real-life data that may vary in quality.

At the end of the process (just 4-8 weeks), Fracta provides objective predictions. Equipped with the LOF prediction and the consequence of failure risk, utilities and their consulting engineers can now focus their attention on risk mitigation strategies.

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Complimentary Assessment

"We partnered with Fracta because they are working to identify the parameters unique to our agency for proactive pipe replacement. We will be able to leverage Fracta’s innovation and a progressive approach to optimize our future CIP expenditures."

- Patrick Walter, General Manager of Purissima Hills Water District