Save time and money using A.I. to predict breaks, target leaks and reduce NRW

Rapidly identify weaknesses in water pipe networks, understand the impact of an unplanned failure and improve the overall reliability of your infrastructure.

Fracta is a cutting edge condition assessment solution that uses Machine Learning, to assess the condition and risk of drinking water distribution mains.

The Fracta solution shifts asset operation and management from reaction to prevention. It helps avoid disruptive water main breaks, lower non-revenue water (NRW), better target leak detection and valve maintenance efforts and educate key stakeholders on the true cost and risk of their aging water main infrastructure.

This new way of looking at water main data for an entire water distribution system enables water engineers, financial planners and executive management to make fast, accurate and affordable asset management decisions about their buried water main infrastructure.

Fraction of the cost.
Fraction of the time.

U.S. water utilities experience about 240,000 breaks each year. A recent study by Utah State University found that water main breaks in the US and Canada have increased 27% over the past six years. Service interruptions, soaring costs, the pressure to raise water rates and the strain on available resources is unprecedented and expected to worsen.

By 2050, the American Water Works Association (AWWA) estimates the US will spend an estimated $1 trillion to address rehabilitation and replacement of buried water mains. The more than one million miles of buried water mains are aging, and many are expected to reach their end of useful life within the next 25-30 years.