Likelihood of Failure x
Consequence of Failure =
Business Risk Exposure

The Fracta solution is a cloud-based software application that can be connected to important software applications used by water utilities, including Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) and Hydraulic Modeling.

Fracta can complete Likelihood of Failure (LOF), Consequence of Failure (COF) and Business Risk Exposure (BRE) assessments for an entire water main distribution system in 4-8 weeks. The results are delivered in a Software as a Solution (SaaS) system and visualized using dynamic graphs and charts. New data can be uploaded and modeled several times per year, enabling a dynamic, near real-time assessment of the system.

Likelihood of Failure (LOF)
Fracta implements this cutting-edge technology to calculate and visualize the LOF for every water main across your infrastructure. The LOF score represents the mathematical probability of water main failure, leveraging existing data and hundreds of variables. LOF enables utilities to make better water main replacement decisions. Fracta LOF provides an objective, big data-driven method that is faster, more accurate and more affordable than other desktop and physical condition assessment methods.
Consequence of Failure (COF)
In addition to LOF, Fracta offers the COF assessment. COF is a software application that determines the consequences, or severity, of failure and quantifies the direct and indirect dollar costs of water main failures, using a Triple Bottom Line (TBL) monetized approach. COF brings monetized risk into a utility’s toolkit, removing subjectivity from difficult decision making.
LOF x COF = (BRE) Business Risk Exposure
LOF and COF are used in the BRE formula: LOF (%) x COF ($) = BRE ($). Fracta calculates a utility’s BRE in terms of direct and indirect costs. This approach gives an objective criticality score for the entire water distribution system. This score translates the results into financial terms water engineers, planners and finance professionals use to make decisions about buried water main infrastructure.

"We partnered with Fracta because they are working to identify the parameters unique to our agency for proactive pipe replacement. We will be able to leverage Fracta’s innovation and a progressive approach to optimize our future CIP expenditures."

- Patrick Walter, General Manager of Purissima Hills Water District