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Automate Your Leak Detection Process

Detect water main leaks with less labor, less hardware, and in half the time


Advanced Process For Eliminating Leaks and Prioritizing Pipe Repair

Remotely predict areas in your water main network that are most prone to leakage.

Step 1: Target

AI to assess possible leaky pipes Using existing pipe network data

Step 2: Deploy

Acoustic sensors deployed to AI selected pipe segment

Step 3: Eliminate

Leak targeted in half the time using half the resources

Successful Customer Stories

Machine learning is quickly becoming a best practice for pipe condition assessment. Learn how other utilities around the world are successfully implementing our technology below.

East Bay Municipal Utility Department

Learn how one of the biggest pipe networks in the USA leveraged Fracta’s ML toolset

Read EBMUD Case Study

Greater Jonestown Water Authority

Learn how a small water network in the eastern USA saved $5M using Fracta for leak detection

Read EBMUD Case Study

See why hundreds of utilities across the globe choose Fracta

Understand the Total Risk In Your Water Network

Unlock hidden insights, patterns and trends in your own water network today.

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