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The Water Industry's Best Way To Evaluate Condition, Risk, and Cost For An Entire Network

Fracta helps water utilities improve their infrastructure using trenchless condition assessment powered by artificial intelligence.

Gain awareness into the parts of your water network which asset management platforms overlook

Calculate LOF for any individual pipe segment on your network using a neural network AI

The LOF score represents the mathematical probability of water main failure. We use pipe and break data from all over the world to train our machine learning model and identify patterns. Providing these assessments to utilitiesallows them to make better water main replacement decisions.

Fracta LOF provides an objective, big data-driven method that is faster, more accurate and more affordable than other desktop and physical condition assessment methods.

Create unlimited custom failure scenarios to improve your planning response

COF is a software application that determines the consequences, or severity, of failure and quantifies the direct and indirect dollar costs of water main failures, using a Triple Bottom Line (TBL) monetized approach.

COF brings monetized risk into a utility’s toolkit, removing subjectivity from difficult decision making.

Objectively Rank Your Entire Water Main Network

LOF and COF are used in the BRE formula: LOF (%) x COF ($) = BRE ($). Fracta calculates a utility’s BRE in terms of direct and indirect costs. This approach gives an objective criticality score for the entire water distribution system.

This score translates the results into financial terms water engineers, planners and finance professionals use to make decisions about buried water main infrastructure.

Improve Job Planning

Fracta Job Planner empowers a utility to create asset management plans that fit its unique circumstances. A plan is comprised of groups of projects chosen from a library of project scenarios. Critical information such as total risk reduction, risk reduction efficiency, project cost, and return on investment are available to compare, improve, and track the risk reduction and cost benefits of each plan.

The cost settings associated with water main projects are flexible to fit any planned action, whether it is a replacement, rehabilitation, proactive leak detection, or physical condition assessments.