Fracta offers its condition and risk assessment solution to drinking water utilities, engineering firms and third-party service providers. We provide the solution as Software as a Service (SaaS) on a subscription basis with single and multi-year terms available. Fracta can also offer a one-time assessment as an analytical service. Pricing for both options is based on the utility’s total miles of water main, the number of water main segments and the quality and completeness of asset and break data. A summary of the offerings is presented below.

(cost per linear foot)

Professional Services
Fracta offers Professional Services that prepare utilities for the use of the Fracta condition and risk assessment solution. These services range from data digitization to ArcGIS implementation. We start with complementary needs and data assessment followed with a detailed Statement of Work that specifies the scope, estimated timeline, budget, and key assumptions.


Esri® ArcGIS
Fracta is an authorized reseller of Esri ArcGIS online. We resell ArcGIS to utilities who are not currently using ArcGIS but would like to. Fracta, or one of its partners, can implement ArcGIS as part of a Fracta risk and condition assessment project. Pricing for ArcGIS online licenses is on an annual basis and is separate from the Fracta solution subscription fee.

“It’s about using ratepayer money most effectively. It’s so costly to replace pipe that we want to make sure we’re replacing the right one.”

- David Katzev, East Bay Municipal Utility District