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Optimize Your Capital Improvement Project Planning

Use Fracta’s Job Planner to intelligently combine your LOF and COF results and create optimized repair and replacement plans to address the weakest parts of your water network.


Utilize LOF and COF to Build Individual Projects For Budgeting, Master Planning, and more

Group your weakest or most vulnerable pipes together into their own capital improvement project. Outline costs, timeline and resources needed when planning for the future.


Group Replacement Projects In The Most Optimized Ways

Include and consider high priority repairs, adjacent pipes, leak potential and more.


Improve Planning Actions Using Your LOF, COF, & Total Risk Results

Deploy resources based on insights gained from the other parts of the Fracta platform.


Easily Track Project Costs, ROI, & Resources For All Jobs

Compare, improve, and track the risk reduction and cost benefits of each plan.

Our Platform

Visually track your costs, resources, and most impactful projects in one place

A plan is comprised of groups of projects chosen from a library of project scenarios. Critical information such as total risk reduction, risk reduction efficiency, project cost, and return on investment are available to compare, improve, and track the risk reduction and cost benefits of each plan. The cost settings associated with water main projects are flexible to fit any planned action, whether it is a replacement, rehabilitation, proactive leak detection, or physical condition assessments.

machine learning

Work across teams and departments

Easily allow public works, engineering, and operations to plan and approve projects from one single place.

machine learning

Replace pipes during existing infrastructure projects

Already repairing a street? Replace a risky pipe while the ground is open to save time, money, and resources.

"We are anticipating that this technology will guide us in prioritizing the replacement of our water infrastructure that is most vulnerable to failure. In addition, this added information will provide valuable information to Public Works staff as they work to repair water main breaks as quickly and efficiently as possible."

– Max Slankard, Director of Public Works, Skokie, Illinois

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Understand the Total Risk In Your Water Network

Unlock hidden insights, patterns and trends in your own water network today.