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Water Engineers

Save time on your daily tasks by offloading repeatable work to a machine that never gets tired.

Make your daily tasks quicker and more accurate by leveraging the most advanced pipe condition algorithm in the world.

Fracta cleans, finds patterns, and makes sense of your data for you, giving you hours of your daily schedule back.

Improve The Data Quality In Your Network

Missing or incomplete pipe network data? Let us help you reconstruct the missing parts while you focus on more important tasks.

Prevent Catastrophic Breaks and Flood Damage

Preemptively spot weak parts in your water main network before they turn into leaks or breaks and impact your customers.

Reduce Time Spent On Pipe Condition Assessment

Focus on other parts of your day to day workload while our machine learning algorithm gives you the insights you need to do your job.

Understand the Total Risk In Your Water Network

Unlock hidden insights, patterns and trends in your own water network today.

* no commitment, no strings attached