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Fracta for

Public Works

Fracta's machine learning pipe prediction model is the oldest and wisest in the industry.

Improve The Data Quality In Your Network

Missing parts of your data? Let our advanced AI fill in those holes.

Prevent Catastrophic Breaks and Flood Damage

Additional data and risk metrics to help you prioritize and plan.

Reduce the Time Spent on Pipe Analysis

Focus on other parts of your job while our AI prioritizes pipes for you.

Make your daily tasks quicker and more accurate by leveraging the most advanced pipe condition algorithm in the world.

Fracta cleans, finds patterns, and makes sense of your data for you, giving you hours of your daily schedule back.

Save Your Team's Time By offloading tedious tasks to an algorithm that never gets tired.

Utilize the same technology used to detect black holes millions of light years away in your own city. Let our machine learning tools help your team with the more mundane task of finding patterns in your existing pipe network data and help you understand the remaining useful life of every pipe.