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Repair Or Reconstruct Your Data Using Automated Tools

Our machine learning data reconstruction tools can fill in missing diameters, installation years and pipe materials so you can focus on more important tasks. 


Leverage Machine Learning To Fill Gaps In Your Datasets

Using advanced artificial intelligence algorithms, our data repair tools can save members of your team countless hours trying to reconstruct missing parts of your data.


Repair Missing Parts of Your Data Set

Using advanced techniques such as statistical interference, we can rebuild missing parts of your data.

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Minimize The Barrier Of Entry To Advanced Tools

Need a full and complete data set for advanced pipe analysis? Let Fracta help you get moving faster.


Free For All Of Our Utility Customers

Advanced data repair services are available for free to all of our active water utility customers.

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Stop Letting Missing Data Dictate How You Can Analyze Your Network

Fracta's state of the art data reconstruction and repair tools utilize the same machine learning technology seen in the rest of the software suite. Through statistical and historical analysis of your data, our intelligently trained model can repopulate parts of your data that are missing with incredible accuracy.

"We gather all the environmental data, mix it up with the utility data, run our algorithms to provide the likelihood of failure for each section of the pipe and map it out using the web.”

— Takashi Kato, Fracta CEO and Cofounder

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Explore Data Reconstruction to Leverage Your Water Infrastructure

Unlock hidden insights, patterns and trends in your own water network today.