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Supplementing Drinking Water Pipe Replacement Decisions With Artificial Intelligence


SUEZ is the second largest Environmental Services firm in North America. They serve 6.4 million people by water and wastewater operations and have had 55,000 tons of waste recycled. Headquartered in Paramus, New Jersey SUEZ in North America has 15 utilities, 69 Environmental Services Contracts, and 20 Advanced Solutions Service Centers.


In —-, Fracta partnered with SUEZ to not only help save them money but to help communities become more sustainable. Through risk-based prioritization of water networks, SUEZ used Fracta’s Likelihood of Failure (LoF) to make better water main replacement decisions and Consequence of Failure (CoF) to determine the severity of failure and quantified the direct and indirect costs of water main failures.


SUEZ estimated that within 5 years they will save $5 million dollars in savings for their largest 7 systems.

Fracta helped SUEZ refine target areas for investigation, renewal or replacement. The pilot study indicated that Fracta’s machine learning predictions were more accurate than SUEZ’s multi criteria when looking at the worse 5% of the system by length.