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Leadership and Team

The Fracta team is a multi-cultural, multi-disciplinary powerhouse, focusing our energy and resources on developing and using Artificial Intelligence to answer questions about the country’s aging infrastructure. We offer groundbreaking asset management solutions to answer the enormously important question of how to help save water utilities billions of dollars in the coming decades.


Technology is always advancing. Once in awhile, the right people with the right passion and resources come together at the perfect time with a clearly defined mission. These are the moments that change the world. That is exactly what happened when Takashi Kato and Lars Stenstedt formed Fracta Inc. in 2015.

Takashi Kato, Co-founder, President and CEO of Fracta Inc. earned worldwide acclaim when, as CFO of SCHAFT Inc., a company developing and manufacturing humanoid robots, was acquired by Google. This marked the first time a Japanese startup in the hardware space had ever been sold to a major U.S. tech company. This afforded Takashi the opportunity to embark on his biggest mission yet – solving some of the world’s greatest challenges through the application of Artificial Intelligence.

What separates Takashi Kato from so many others is his higher understanding of technology, business and people. In the spirit of Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, he firmly believes “all odds can be overcome when the right people are brought together.”

Takashi and Lars set out to assemble the sharpest minds in Artificial Intelligence, advanced mathematics, physics, engineering, computer science and geographical information systems. Their company, Fracta Inc., located in Silicon Valley, is a haven for some of today’s top thinkers in their respective fields.

Fracta Inc. started as HiBot USA, a U.S subsidiary of HiBot KK, a Japanese robotics company. HiBot USA first explored the use of robotics and Artificial Intelligence for in-situ, or in-place condition assessments of water main pipelines.

“We soon realized that in-situ was not the path to advancing our mission. Instead, we saw that our collective strength allowed us to achieve something nobody else could. If we could digitize an entire infrastructure, we would then be able to create and apply artificial intelligence software to predict the likelihood of failure (LOF) with remarkable accuracy. In 2017, Fracta Inc. became an independent corporation. Our sole focus today is the asset management of aging infrastructures through the application of Artificial Intelligence.”

Kurita Water Industries, Ltd. strategically invested in Fracta, acquiring the majority of the shares of Fracta, Inc. but leaving the Fracta name and management intact.

Careers at Fracta

We are always looking for high-performing employees who want to use cutting-edge data engineering approaches to improve the quality of our infrastructure.

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